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Trophy Aoudad
Located in the Texas Hill Country, your hunt will include lodging, guide services, and use of our walk-in-cooler.
Your Price: $2,500.00

Detailed Description

This Hunt is for a $2500 Exclusive "Goliath" Trophy Aoudad.
We also have Management Aoudad at $700 and Trophy Aoudad at $1500.
Contact us for more information at 325-347-8808

Aoudad Sheep

Origin: North Africa

This exotic is tan in color with a long beard on the bottom of the neck and chaps on the front legs. Both the males and females have horns that grow out and back over their necks. Aoudad usually travel in herds. Mature males are frequently separate from the others except in breading season. They usually breed in October. A large male will weigh about 250 pounds while a female will weigh 100 pounds. The aoudad is the wildest and most elusive of all the exotic species.

If you would like to see pictures of Aoudad taken at The Wildlife Ranch Click Here

There are no additional Trophy fees or additional Kill fees. The only extra charge is $25.00 for the guide to skin, gut, and cape your game. If you do it yourself then there is no charge.

Game is hunted on various ranches in Mason, Texas and surrounding counties. Most hunts are walking or safari style from trucks. Come hunting with your bow, rifle, handgun, muzzleloader, or whatever suits you best.

Most hunts will take one day per animal. Hunter only pays for the game they shoot. Our guides spend hours in the woods and hills looking for game before you come hunting. Tips for guides are welcome and greatly appreciated..

Lodging (basic bunkhouse style) is included in the price of your hunt. Food is not provided. You will need to bring your own food and beverages (kitchen and bar-b-que pits are available), or take advantage of our local nearby restaurants.

Skinning, quartering, and capping of game is available.

If you are going to take the meat home, be sure to bring extra coolers. Processing available on request as well as a walk-in cooler. If you don't want the meat, we donate it to the needy.

While on this hunt you can also take other animals at addtional fees such as: Axis,  Blackbuck Antelope, Corsican, Fallow, Ibex, Mouflon, Sika, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, New Zealand Mountain Goat, Merino, Painted Desert, Four Horn, Catalina, Whitetail, Hogs, Turkeys, and much, much, more! Bring the entire family and have the experience of a lifetime. We have hunts to fit every budget, from Meat Hunts to Trophy Hunts.

If you have any additional questions feel free to give us a call at 325-347-8808
or email us at

The sizes of Trophy Aoudad will vary. There will be Trophy Aoudad larger and smaller than pictured.

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