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Whitetail Antlers On Plaque
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Whitetail Antlers On Plaque

This beautiful set of horns is off of a Whitetail Buck from The Wildlife Ranch in Mason, Texas. Horns like these are great for making lamps, knife handles, jewelry, decoration, and many other things.  Great for any hunting enthusiasts or crafters!


The main beam length off this Whitetail Buck measure 16 2/8”(left) and 15" (right). The base measurement is 4 5/8"(left) and 4 7/8"(right). The length of the first point is 2 3/8"(left) and 2 6/8"(right). Length of second point is 6 1/8" (left) and 6" (right).  The length of the third point is 6 6/8" (left) and 7 1/8" (right). Length of fourth point is 2 2/8"(left) and 3 3/8" (right).  Greatest circumference between points one and two is 3"(left) and 3"(right). Greatest circumference between points two and three is 3 1/8"(left) and 3 1/8"(right). Greatest circumference between points three and four is 2 5/8"(left) and 2 6/8"(right). Greatest inside main beam spread is 14". 


Call and book a hunt with us in the beautiful Hill Country of Mason, Tx. Plan a day or weekend hunt and see first hand these majestic Whitetail along with other exciting exotics such as: Aoudad, Axis, Blackbuck Antelope, Corsican, Fallow, Ibex, Mouflon, Sika, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, New Zealand Mountain Goat, Merino, Painted Desert, Four Horn, Catalina, Hogs, Turkeys, and much, much, more! Bring the entire family and have the experience of a lifetime. We have hunts to fit every budget, from Meat Hunts to Trophy Hunts. Call Now, or visit us on our website at


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